Local tradition holds that in that secluded valley

was once a hideout for a horse thief-outlaw, Juan Mace, and was initially called Mace's Hole. In 1876 when the U.S. was celebrating its Centennial, the growing community decided to choose a more sophisticated name, and renamed the town Beulah.

Along with almost 900 residents, there is a K thru 8th Grade School, a Post Office, General Store, and two Restaurants. There are Methodist, Baptist and Catholic Churches. Most residents commute to Pueblo or beyond for their job or business needs.

With the widening electronic age, more and more Home Office occupations are coming into the area and Beulahland Communications is dedicated to the community of Beulah and its surrounding area. Below is information regarding the wonderful people, clubs, churches and community of Beulah.


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